Roasted Vegetable Soup

Where I’ve been exercising so much recently, I haven’t been too worried about eating pasta of a lunch or dinner but my leg injury flared up on Friday again, so, I’ve admitted defeat and I’m taking it a bit easier this week.

With this in mind, I wanted to make something a little lighter for dinners. Soup!

I spend most evenings at the moment looking for tasty new recipes as I’ve got a new found love for cooking!

I’ve followed The Londoner’s blog for a few years now and have alwasy admired her recipe posts. When I saw her recent Roasted Vegetable and Sage soup I knew I had to try it!

I spent all of Sunday morning making different recipes ready for the week ahead (also trying to distract myself from not being able to go to the gym!). I think people really undersestimate how easy soup is to make from scratch. The one thing I’ve loved since I started cooking for myself is knowing literally everything that is going into my food, it’s so satisfying and worth the time. Photo 22-03-2015 11 40 12 am

Rosie’s soup recipe is really simple with very little ingrediants and basically just cooking it all together before blitzing it in a food processor. I put the soup in the fridge to keep for dinners this week and it make about 2 portions worth which is great when i’m only cooking for myself in the week!

I’ll definitely be making this again for the rest of the week (especially as there’s leftover butternut squash). Recipes like these have so much room for personal ammendments as well, for example, I found the soup quite onion-y so I will put in less shallot next time. I also used less stock than what was suggested on the recipe as I prefer soup to be a little thicker and it turned out amazingly.

I paired my soup with a bowl of Deliciously Ella’s Sweet Potato Wedges last night for a lighter dinner but still keeping in some carbs for energy!


GL xx


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