Thai Coconut Curry with Chickpeas – Deliciously Ella

The last week I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen and mixing up some new recipes – mainly from Deliciously Ella’s book.

This is the fourth recipe I’ve now made from the book and they never fail! I’ve mentioned before I’m not the world’s best cook so it’s a huge achievement that I’ve managed to make this many without making any one ill ha!

So this week I tried a new curry – the Coconut Thai Curry with Chickpeas. I love Thai food so I was really excited by the sound of this one!

It was really simple to make and as I’m not a massive fan of aubergines, I substituted these for sweet potatoes. I always cut the ingrediants down of these recipes so there is enough for about 2 portions of each meal as I’m only cooking for myself most of the time.

I made two portions and have put one in the freezer to keep for later this week.

The curry has a real creamy texture; the coconut milk and chopped tomatoes really compliment eachother and create an incredible sauce! I personally chose to not have this with rice as I find these curries really filling without it.Photo 18-03-2015 8 24 10 pm

I also added chicken for some extra protein which tasted great with it! I’m not a huge fan of all vegetables but with all of Ella’s recipes I’ve found myself eating a lot more veg and not thinking twice about it. The sauces in the dishes are so tasty, you don’t think about all the goodness you’re taking in with it which is amazing.

The dish takes about 2 hours to make in total so I tend to prepare these one evening and eat them the next day as I’m not very good at waiting for food to cook – oops!

Definintely worth whipping this curry up for dinner!

Photo 18-03-2015 9 16 03 pm

GL xx



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