Battling the Shin Splints

Shin splints are the devil when it comes to running. Today I put my week 11 goals into action and set off for a run outside. I must have jogged about 100m before realising my shin splints haven’t gone anywhere.

I quickly turned around and stormed upstairs to be greeted by my foam roller that I’ve barely used since buying it. This has now changed. 

Below are some images that I will now be doing daily to get rid of these shin splints once and for all! Foam rollers aren’t the most comfortable of experiences but hopefully it’ll be worth the pain and I can head back out onto the roads! 

I will be rolling the front, sides and backs of my calf/shins to cover all areas. When using a foam roller, I make sure to use it slowly so it really massages the muscles and relieves pressure points. 

Shin Splints cause a very pain across the front of my shins, which are more than likely caused by the over-pronation of my foot when running. They are also caused by hard surfaces or heavy footed people and running on concrete doesn’t help this apparently! Ha!

If anyone has any recommendations on how to relieve shin splints, please let me know!



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