Feel the Burn!

So week 10 was horrendous. After Thursday morning with a swim, I gave up on the week with an injury and disgusting cold. Sometimes I have to remind myself I need to stop and rest, I get caught up feeling guilty about missing workouts and I really shouldn’t. The more you rest, the quicker you’re back on your feet and raring to go. Monday, week 11, I was ready again.

The last time I did Monday’s leg workout, I nearly passed out and stopped half way through – this week, I’m pleased to say I finished it all, didn’t pass out and absolutely nailed it and really felt the burn in my thighs!photo4

My aims for this week are basically the same as week 10’s. However, I’ve decided as I’m not seeing the progress I wanted, I’m adding in some longer distance running starting at 3 miles, and taking my HIIT running down to one session a week.

Everyone has different results from different types of exercise and I’ve always noticed a larger amount of fat loss when running longer distances at a steady pace.

I’m ignoring the fact that week 12 is bringing me to the end of BBG 1.0 and I’m focussing more on the fact I go on holiday in FOUR WEEKS!!! These four weeks I’m going to push myself harder than ever, concentrate massively on my diet and cut out as many treats as I possibly can.

After the 12 weeks, I can’t decide whether to redo weeks 9-12, restart BBG 1.0 altogether or progress to BBG 2.0. I’ve had a look at BBG 2.0 and it doesnt look as challenging from the beginning as I expected.

I’ve absolutely loved the last 10 weeks and I’m now in such a good routine, I can’t wait to continue on this journey and eventually reach my goal.


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