Kayla Itsines BBG Week 10

Somehow, I’ve made it to week 10! I genuinely don’t know where the time has gone and how commited I feel. I thought by now, if I hadn’t seen the progress that I wanted, I’d have given up and tried something different. The fact I haven’t done this shows that this programme has taught me something ridiculously important – progress takes time. One of my favourite quotes is ‘Strive for progress, not perfection’ – Every time I want to give up, I’ve reminded myself of this.

Since I started exercising properly again a few years ago – I’ve gone through different phases, all trying to find the quickest results. For me, I think running makes a huge difference to my body fat, but something key to remember is, everyone is different.

Photo 10-03-2015 1 55 51 pm

I’ve seen a lot of people asking on Facebook and blogs, how many times people can complete the BBG circuits in 7 minutes. Every person is different!! If someone was already fit and strong, they’re going to be able to complete it more than another person. If someone tells you they’re completing double the amount of circuits you are, it’s only going to make you feel bad which isn’t the motivation you need!

Concentrate on you. It’s Your fitness journey and your goals!

I’ve started setting myself aims each week of what I would like to achieve and this week is a tough one. I’ve got a super busy week planned with a day off work and a few days away meaning I’m cramming my workouts into 4/5 days instead of 6. Last week my aim was to not miss any workouts that I had planned. I achieved this and actually added an extra swim in which was brilliant! My week 10 aims are:

  1. Complete all planned workouts
  2. Increase HIIT running distance/time period
  3. Increase swimming lengths to 70 from 60

Photo 10-03-2015 1 55 11 pm

I’m adding in an extra Abs circuits session this week in place of one of my swimming mornings. I really want to push my ab workouts the last few weeks and I think this will help a lot! I wouldn’t remove the swim if I had time to do both but I physically don’t this week.

Diet wise, I’m still struggling to stick to it at weekends but I’m always eating out and really busy. I’m cooking a lot though and planning my meals more which helps a lot. I’ve made another lot of Delicously Ella’s Curry and Pesto. I can’t get enough of this cookbook – I just need to decide what amazing recipe to cook next!

GL xx


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