Week 9 Progress and Roundup

After a terrible start to week 9, I feel like I’ve got myself together, pushed through whatever illness was trying to kick in and absolutely smashed it again.

Monday I went to the gym after work to do legs and half way through thought I was going to pass out. I stopped and went home, drank enough water to fill a swimming pool, and went to bed super early for the next two nights. I’m not one to give up often but you have to know when to push through and when to stop.

Tuesday, I headed for the treadmill for my first HIIT session and found that it really wasn’t going to work at all. The treadmills at the gym are all touch screen and not very sensitive so it takes a good jab and about a minute to move the speed levels even a little bit. I have read that a lot of other people just jump on and off the treadmill for intervals but it was going so fast, all I could picture was me going flying! I called it a day after a few minutes of attempts and did some ab work instead.

The rest of the week I’ve felt a lot better and got back to working hard. I threw in an extra swim to make myself feel better about Mon/Tuesday, and took my 2nd HIIT outside – much more successful!

Photo 05-03-2015 6 31 17 pm

For my HIIT training, I set my interval timer on my phone to 15 minutes of 30 second sprints, followed by 30 seconds walking. I covered 1.5 miles in this time and found it relatively hard but I think I’ll add on a few more minutes in week 10 to really push myself.

In Monday’s blog, I said that I’d had a family birthday weekend which meant a lot of eating/bloating. I took my progress photo on Monday and I knew that it wasn’t right just looking at it. I was so bloated and didn’t look like myself so I retook my photos today.

Photo 06-03-2015 6 55 49 am Photo 06-03-2015 8 00 33 am

Week 0-4-9 Progress Photos

There isn’t a massive difference but realistically, my progress isn’t too much about weight loss but more about toning and building muscle. Physically I can feel myself getting stronger and I can see it in certain places. Every time I take one of these photos, I remind myself – this won’t happen overnight. However, because there isn’t a HUGE difference, I’ve decided to start adding protein drinks into my diet after exercise only, increase my swimming and obviously week 9-12 adds in HIIT too.

I still can’t fault Kayla’s BBG. I may not have a progress photo like the one’s we so often see on instagram, but I can feel myself getting stronger, I’ve grown to love exercise and more recently, cooking. I will 100% be continuing onto the BBG 2.0 after my 12 weeks and I will have the abs I’ve always dreamt of one day!!


GL xx


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