Deliciously Ella’s Winter Warming Curry

After the pesto success at the weekend, I got onto the next recipe and decided to make Deliciously Ella’s Winter Warming Curry.

I’m terrible when it comes to recipes that if they take a long time to make, I just give up on the idea. So, for once, I made the curry the night before ready to eat the next day. The whole dish takes about 2 hours to make just as the recipe says and it’s so easy to put together.

We already had most of the ingrediants at home which was handy, although we were missing one when it came to actually cooking so I had to substitute the Turmeric and Cumin with Garam Masala powder (contains both turmeric and cumin, as well as coriander). Photo 02-03-2015 7 33 30 pm

I was so surprised at how filling the curry was and that was without rice!

I had quite a bad day in terms of eating yesterday so I substituted the rice and I’m really glad I did, because it wasn’t needed at all.

When making the curry, I cut all the ingrediants down to make two portions worth. The recipe makes for 6 people and I was never going to be able to eat that much! I added some chicken right before eating which isn’t in the recipe (all dishes are vegetarian in the book), just to add some protein.

I can’t recommend Ella’s book enough, all the recipes are so simple to follow and cook; and because most recipes contain the same ingrediants, they’re worth the little extra money!

Photo 03-03-2015 8 54 12 am

GL xx


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