Kayla Itsines BBG – Week 9-12 Planning and Review

So I’ve made it through 8 weeks, into week 9 today. I took my post week 8 progress photo this morning, and after a family birthday weekend, this wasn’t the best morning to do it on and has set me back a bit.

It’s such a struggle to not get involved in birthdays and the next thing you know, you’ve over-eaten massively. However, I’ve decided to retake my photos on Friday this week and hope I’ve debloated and made myself feel a bit more human again. I will not let this defeat me, if anything it’s given me the motivation to work harder for the next four weeks and start seeing the results I want to see.


So week 9 introduces HIIT into the programme so as usual, I’ve planned my workouts day-by-day and my aim this week is to stick to them all and not miss any.

So I’m following Kayla’s suggestion of 30 seconds of sprinting and 30 seconds of jogging/rest, depending on how easy it is the change the speed on the treadmills. I will be aiming for around 12 minutes to begin with, increasing by 1-2 minutes each week.

For my LISS I am going to stick with swimming, 3 times a week. I love swimming and it’s so easy to progress with as I can just increase the amount of lengths I do each week, as well as obviously been a fantastic whole body workout!

I have decided to add in an extra abs session each week as well. My main aim of this programme was to see a change in my stomach and abs and as I’m not really seeing that yet, it’s time to up my game!

I will either be repeating the Ab resistance or putting together my own ab session.

Week 9 – LET’S GO!

Photo 25-02-2015 1 40 09 pm

GL xx




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