Deliciously Ella – Brazil Nut and Rocket Pesto Pasta


So as soon as pay day came around this month, I was straight on Amazon buying the Deliciously Ella cookbook!

I’ve followed Ella on Instagram for a while now and always drool over her food posts, so it was time I got hold of this and gave it a go. The book cost me a tiny £7.99 and is a great read about Ella and why she began cooking and how her blog began.

IMG_0224-1I have a bit of a reputation of not being the best cook around but I’m willing to try and my goodness, I’m so glad I did!

The book arrived the next day and I was instantly ripping into the box at work, marking the recipes I want to try with post it notes. My first, I made tonight for me and my boyfriend and it went amazingly well.


Unfortunately, I forgot to buy wholemeal pasta so the white stuff had to do tonight. It was creamy, filling and so adaptable. I added in chicken for extra filling and took out the courgettes and brocolli, however I do think it needs veg and I’ll add these in future.

The best thing about this recipe was it was so quick and easy, and also made plenty more to last 1-2 more servings in the week. Stored in a Kilner Jar in the fridge, I’m already planning when to eat it again this week!


I’m so excited to try more of the recipes and get cooking more. Ella, you’re amazing!

GL xx


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