Why I Started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

On January 5th, I joined thousands of other girls across the world, and Kayla Itsines herself, in beginning the Bikini Body Guide. I had originally started the guide in June last year and gave up after about 3 weeks to train for a 10k run instead.

I started the BBG again in January as a bit of a kickstart. I had joined a new gym a few months before and after months of classes, I hadn’t noticed a huge difference.

Every year, I get to summer and wished I’d made an effort to work for the body I’ve always dreamed of. This year, that is my aim. To work hard and make it to summer (and my extra April holiday this year), knowing I have done everything I can to achieve that, and be comfortable.

Photo 25-02-2015 4 56 05 pm

I’ve grown to love different types of exercise growing up, but I think a lot of people would join me in saying, this is the most challenging I have experienced. Every week I look forward to the workouts, resistence, LISS and as of week 9, I will be embarking on HIIT.

At week 4, I felt a bit disappointed in the lack of visible change in my appearance but giving up doesn’t get you anywhere.

I started Kayla’s guide to make a difference this year, to challenge myself and to rise the challenge. I want to be someone that people look at and they know, I worked my butt off to get the body I want.

If I had any tips for any one considering the BBG, it would be to do it for a reason, you have to be fully commited and really want to achieve it; or like me in June, you’ll give up before the end. Tip number 2, never, ever compare yourself to others. Don’t aim to look like someone else – all it does is beat your motivation down when you still don’t look like them. We are all different, we all have different bodies, goals and abilities. Aim for the best image of yourself, work hard and keep going. Photo 25-02-2015 4 55 46 pm

I’m now almost at the end of week 8 and I still LOVE this programme. I’m learning lessons about myself, my diet and my overall fitness levels.

GL xx


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