If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it.

So I have very much learnt my lesson after the weekend that if I don’t buy treat food, I won’t eat it.

I stupidly went to a local farm shop at the weekend full of yummy cakes, sweets, bread and yoghurt covered goodies! I left with some cake (justified for a family birthday) and some shortbread. I demolished the shortbread and soon regretted it!

I’ve stopped shopping on my lunch breaks in order to not buy ‘treat’ food that I see when I’m hungry and it seems to be working!

I’ve read a lot about meal prep and this is so key, in the week I make my lunches the night before and I only ever take healthy food to work. I plan my evenings dinners in advance and they usually stay the same each week – fish or chicken and vegetables!


Last week, week 6 of Kayla Itsines BBG, I absolutely smashed it! I had a lot planned in the week with friends and worked around this by working out in the mornings instead. Since starting swimming more for my LISS, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stomach fat and tone. I’ve never considered myself overweight but everyone has their ‘target’ zones and mine is my lower belly, so to start seeing this a bit flatter is amazing!

This week I’ve got off to a bad start – but wow, where has the time gone?! Half way through the guide and I’m more motivated than ever!

I try to never miss workouts now and if I do for some reason, I make up for them another day.

I still love this guide and even if I don’t have a transformation photo like the ones we see every day, I feel so much stronger and adamant to make fitness, a part of my every day life. I love it!

GL xx


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