Four Week Review and Progress

So we’re into week 5 from today and I took my progress photo this morning. I can’t say I’m overly excited by it and I’m not sure I can see improvement, BUT I know it’s only the beginning and there are still things I can improve on.




In week four, I really started to feel a difference in my strength; which at the moment I think is most motivating for me.

In Wednesday’s abs and arms I could really feel my abs working more which I loved. My main aim of the BBG programme is tone my stomach and that was exactly what I needed to make me feel like it was working!

Friday was hard but I was so happy on the last circuit when I managed all 30 jump lunges. Usually I get tired and move to normal lunges but I pushed through the pain and kept at it!
My aim for the next four weeks is to really keep at it with my diet and keeping an eye on what I’m eating. The weekdays I find easy to do this but I get to the weekend and want to eat everything! Oops!

I’m also going to swap my workouts from evenings to mornings. Firstly so there is more equipment available as the gym isn’t so busy and secondly so I can go for walks in the evenings for my LISS.

Bring on the next 8 weeks and today’s leg workout!


GL xx


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