Week Three Review BBG

Week three is over and I’m into week four. To be completely honest, I’m excited to smash through this week and get to week five. I love the constant challenges of this programme and week 5 certainly looks like a challenge!! I’m also really intrigued to see my week 1-4 progress photo and if there have been any changes at all.

So far I’m feeling a lot less bloated and definitely stronger but I don’t think I can honestly see any progress yet. My main aim is to flatten my stomach and build some abs – patience will be key here.

I’ve not had a great week in terms of eating, I’ve had a few cheat meals where I’ve not been feeling well (and a little sorry for myself because of it). This is something I need to track and eventually avoid. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a cheat meal here and there but I never actually feel satisfied after them like I’ve really been missing out.Photo 26-01-2015 8 55 17 am

Today is leg day and back to the jump lunges! Week two I let myself slack a little by as soon as they were hurting I moved to normal lunges; today I’m challenging myself to power through and keep jumping!!

One thing I wish I had done from week one, and will be doing as of week 5, is writing down how many circuits I got through and what exercises I found hard. By doing this I will be able to compare two weeks later, if I found it any easier and completed more reps.


GL xx


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