Jelly Legs – Bikini Body Guide Week 1

The first week of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide was killer!
I’ve already decided leg days will just be pure pain, full body was a mixture of both days – slightly better, and abs and arms I loved!
I’ve been taking part in Virgin Active’s HIIT class, 24, for about 6 months which I thought would help with Kayla’s guides. It was still just as hard as the first time I attempted the guides!


The one thing I love about the guides, and I have seen a lot of people mention in their reviews, is that each week is different. It is a constant challenge and completely what I need in my fitness regime to really be able to progress.
One thing I want to achieve by the end of the first four week is lunges. Lunges are the one fitness move that I really dislike and I’m very wobbly when doing them at the moment. Adding a jump in between next week should be fun…

As mentioned in my first blog, I will be uploading progress photos every four weeks instead of weekly (my first photo shown here). I’m hoping this way I will see a bigger difference…fingers crossed!


GL xx


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